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Higher Standard of Care

At Golden Gate Physical Therapy we are proud to be the exception among San Francisco physical therapy clinics. Many clinics pack their schedules, seeing three to four patients an hour and leaving patients in the care of unlicensed aides. At Golden Gate Physical Therapy, we provide a higher standard of care.

Our Promise

  1. Your 45-minute treatment will always be one-on-one with a physical therapist.
  2. Your physical therapist will answer your email or phone call within 48 hours.
  3. You will never be handed off to an aide or assistant for treatment.
  4. If certain therapeutic modalities are not approved by your insurance, we will not transfer the cost to you.

Our Mission

Golden Gate Physical Therapy combines advanced research and techniques with personalized treatment for the most efficient and successful recovery of every patient we treat. We offer the highest standard of care to help bring each individual back to vibrant health.