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About Us

Physical Therapy Board of CaliforniaGolden Gate Physical Therapy is an outpatient physical therapy clinic providing a diverse professional and eclectic approach to rehabilitation. Our clinic nurtures relationships with some of the best providers of medical and therapeutic services, and our highly qualified physical therapists are all licensed by the Physical Therapy Board of California.

Adrian Carvalho, Physical Therapist

UC Davis
Mt. St. Mary's CollegeMcKenzie Institute Certified

Adrian Carvalho

Adrian received his BS in Kinesiology from UC Davis and his MA in Physical Therapy from Mt. St. Mary’s College in Santa Monica. He is CSCS certified and McKenzie certified (Cert. MDT). He also holds a Certification in Spinal Manipulative Therapy, a CrossFit Certification, and TRX Training. He has taken over 25 continuing education courses ranging from current concepts in ACL rehab to manual therapy of the spine and sports-specific exercises for throwing athletes.

A college football player himself, Adrian has treated a number of professional athletes, such as Mark Grieb, John McEnroe, and Michael Chang. He has also been a host-site physical therapist for the PGA Pebble Beach Pro-Am. In addition, Adrian has been a guest lecturer at St. Ignatius, Lowell, and University high schools and San Francisco State University.

Adrian grew up in both Hawaii and California and loves the beach, surfing, and visiting his family on the islands every year with his wife Kristen and two children, Kate and Joey.

Tim Drobnick, Physical Therapist

UC San Francisco McKenzie Institute Certified

Tim Drobnick

Tim received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of California San Francisco. Tim enjoys tailoring his patients’ exercise program to supplement the one-on-one manual therapy treatments in the clinic. He developed an extensive knowledge of exercise therapy from 10 years of training patients and athletes. Tim is certified in Functional Orthopedics, Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy®, and advanced spinal techniques. Most of all, he is dedicated to learning from his patients.

In his free time, Tim surfs at Ocean Beach, runs in the headlands, practices yoga, and enjoys family time with his wife Joy and son Mason.

Alexandra Kloss, Physical Therapist

University of Illinois at Chicago
National Academy of Sports Medicine
McKenzie Institute Certified
Spinal Maniuplation Institute

Alexandra (Sasha) Kloss

Originally from Ukraine, Sasha became certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and worked as a personal trainer while she earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from University of Illinois at Chicago.

Sasha joined GGPT in 2010 and is dedicated to helping each of her patients meet and exceed their rehabilitation goals. She takes a hands-on approach to treatment and brings a strong background in various manual techniques, including deep tissue and myofascial release, trigger-point therapy, joint mobilization, and muscle energy. She combines her manual skills with a neuromuscular re-education/therapeutic exercise program that is injury specific yet addresses the entire neuromusculoskeletal system to optimize her patients’ recovery and function. Sasha always aims to expand her knowledge and treatment skills with programs in continuing education and so far has attended courses pertaining to functional biomechanics/physical performance from the Gary Gray Institute, Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy® (McKenzie Method®), high-velocity low-amplitude thrust (HVLAT) from the Spinal Manipulation Institute, and Myofascial Decompression Techniques.

Sasha’s love of movement is not limited to the clinic. She has had extensive training in ballroom and salsa dancing, kettlebells, and martial arts , as well as TRX, soccer, and yoga. Her preferred activities outside of work include salsa dancing, hiking, and cycling . She is fluent in Russian and Spanish.

Kevin Mao, Physical Therapist

Penn State University
Boston University

Kevin Mao

Kevin got his start in physical therapy at an early age while recovering from a shoulder injury as a wrestler in high school. He went on to study Kinesiology at Penn State University and received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Boston University. Since graduation, Kevin has expanded his knowledge in areas of Functional Movement Screening (FMS), Full Body Movement Assessment (SFMA), and high-velocity low-amplitude spinal thrust manipulation (HVLAT). He believes in a full-body, functional approach to assessing injuries, seeing the body as a unit and treating it as a whole.

Kevin has an extensive background as an athlete, training and competing in wrestling, boxing, and Muay Thai kickboxing. In his free time, Kevin enjoys following sports and maintaining his boxing skills at the local gym.

tcomellaUC Davis


Anthony (Tony) Comella

Tony became interested in rehabilitative medicine during his tenure at UC Davis while working with Division I athletes as a student athletic trainer. He graduated with a B.S. in Exercise Biology from UC Davis and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Boston’s Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions (MGHIP). In addition to his degree, Tony has completed the NASM Personal Training certification and Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA).

With his experiences, he has formulated a comprehensive approach to injury rehabilitation. He understands that a combination of manual therapies and corrective functional movements should be used to treat the body as a whole. Tony not only addresses the injury at hand, he also coaches each patient on the importance of movement efficiency and preventive health.

In his free time, Tony enjoys watching his favorite Bay Area sports teams, cooking, and working on his own strength and conditioning.


Victoriya McElmury

Viktoriya McElmury

Viktoriya has been a part of our friendly front desk staff since 2009. She is very knowledgeable about the workings of the office and now handles our billing and administrative functions. In her spare time Viktoriya loves to craft, bake, nuzzle up with her two cats, and practice photography with her husband Danny.

Rhonda Hoang

Rhonda Hoang

Rhonda joined us in 2011 and has been a great addition to our team. She handles insurance inquires and workers’ compensation requests. Alongside Viktoriya she addresses billing and administrative inquiries. In her free time she likes to hang out with her baby nephew, her family, and friends. Rhonda recently married her high school sweetie, Allen, and is a great mom to a grumpy lion-head rabbit.

Eunice Marquez
University of San Francisco

Eunice Marquez

Eunice is our very friendly front office receptionist. She manages new patient data and is the person to contact regarding your medical records. Eunice is fluent in Spanish, loves margaritas, and just recently graduated from USF with a Business Administration degree. You can find Eunice and her boyfriend at most 49er games or hanging out with her family in Southern California over BBQs and karaoke fun.