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Success Stories

Andy N.

2018 3rd Place Dutch Open Sport Sambo 68kg Division Medalist , 2017 TCAAT Shuai Jiao Championships Lightweight Gold Medalist

In 2016, I was diagnosed with a 4.5mm bulging disc. This caused such severe sciatica to the point where I couldn’t go up the stairs, stand in the shower, or brush my teeth without sitting. My only relief was lying down; my entire life had to be worked around, my social life limited, my personality switched due to being in constant pain and stress, and ultimately the quality of my life nosedived.

I spent a 1.5 years going through 4-6 different physical therapists ranging from dogshit to medicore quality at best (some with currently still a 4.5 to 5 star yelp rating). After being fed up with the lack of progress, I switched to Adrian’s and GGPT after I saw their Yelp Page and noticed on their website showed specializing in lower back treatment.

From October 2017, my quality of care improved, my symptoms lessened, but I still couldn’t work around the injury without getting surgery. While some PT’s think they can heal anything with just their training, Adrian was smart and honest to let me know that this was a mechanical issue and that surgery would allow me to bounce back to combat sports and my general life much faster than waiting/working around it. I honestly wouldn’t have done the surgery if Adrian didn’t strongly recommend it.  Adrian pointed me in the correct direction and I locked down one of the best spine doctors in the Bay Area to perform the corrective surgery.

Adrian was supportive and communicative throughout the entire ordeal and healing process. I would not be here without his guidance and have transformed my life as a result. I’ve gone from not being able to walk around the block without pain to literally running/kickboxing this week. I am hugely grateful to be able to work with one of the top physical therapists in the San Francisco Bay Area and am expecting to make a full return to combat sports.

Keija K.

My husband & I went fly-fishing on the Owens River and my knee did fine! I was nervous about scrambling down the banks of the river and wading vs. the current but I taped my knee and all was okay. Plus I caught 25 fish the first day, this rainbow among many on the 2nd day! Now I’m planning 3 more trips to fish! Thanks for all your expertise & good counsel!

Dan P.

d. peterson

Fareed F.


Gina H.

Gina H.

Moises N.

M. Nascimento

Arwen A.

Arwen A., Physical Therapy Patient
I was in a terrible car accident where, among many things, I broke my neck and hand. When I arrived at GGPT, I was still in my neck brace and terrified to even take it off, let alone move my neck. GGPT has shepherded me through this life-changing event one step, one day at a time and helped me slowly and steadily get back to pre-accident condition (I was an aerialist). The staff is fantastic, super professional, supportive, and really good at what they do. I have been working with Sasha for the long road of these sets of injuries and she has been a life-saver. It’s hard to articulate just how grateful I am for finding her. She pushes me, inspires me, and has made a scary, difficult recovery a reality; no matter how long or hard it was going to be. It is truly tremendous to have someone like Sasha on your side.

Thank you so much Sasha and everyone at GGPT- you have helped me get my life back, and bring another one into the world (I continued PT while pregnant). I cannot recommend GGPT highly enough.

Rebecca Bassin

Rebecca Bassin, Physical Therapy Patient
Rebecca accomplished the Cinderella Classic, a 100-kilometer women-only ride that takes place each Spring in the East Bay.

My rheumatologist referred me to Adrian at Golden Gate Physical Therapy to work on stabilization and core strength development and to help me manage chronic joint pain due to Ehlers Danlos, a Hypermobility Syndrome. Although I love spending time on my bike and on the slopes skiing, a recent flare up had me out of commission and doing limited activity. Adrian has shown me exercises and techniques that have helped me become more active once again. The combination of stabilization exercises and manual therapy have gotten me back on track.

The therapists and staff at Golden Gate Physical Therapy are not only highly trained, but they are committed to their patients. I have never been in an environment where the therapist is the person working with you for the full session. Having been in and out of physical therapy for many years, I consider myself somewhat of an expert at this point!

Andy C.

Andy C., Physical Therapy Patient
No pain. No pain!

Andy, age 56.

Yolande Sterling

Yolande Sterling, Physical Therapy Patient
Yolande accomplished a 5K run benefiting the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

I had injured my right knee on a hike four weeks before my 5K run and then decided to come to Golden Gate Physical Therapy to make sure that I would not further injure my knee.

She quickly diagnosed my knee problem and explained to me what the issue was and how to prevent this from happening again. The exercises that she showed me really helped to strengthen my knee and reduced my chances of injuring myself again. I am now more conscious of my body and have increased strength and improved body mechanics.

Amanda Z

My experience with Golden Gate Physical therapy has been awesome. I had double knee surgeries, as well as having arthritis. Everyone at GGPT has been so helpful and nice. Sasha has been amazing in helping my recovery– pushing me when I needed to be pushed, and helping me with custom exercises I can do at home.

Doris Cohen

Doris needed to be able to walk and sit without back/hip pain.

One day as I was walking, I had terrible pain in my lower back. After much resting and taking pain relievers, my doctor suggested seeing Myra. She changed my life. I’m now much more conscious of standing straight, carry less weight and think. I look and feel younger than when I first came to see her.

Carly M.

Carly M., Physical Therapy Patient

Pat S.

Pat S., Physical Therapy Patient

Jim S

I tore my ACL during a ski accident and was fortunate enough to have Kevin as my physical therapist. I began seeing him pre-surgery and not only was he able to prepare me physically but also mentally to confidently undergo the demands of the procedure.

We continued our treatment post surgery and I actually look forward to our sessions each time as he has demonstrated measurable results. More notably, Kevin is very easy to talk to and between our banter on the NBA season and house music, he constantly educated me on the physiology of my ACL injury and what we can do for a speedy recovery. I highly recommend for anybody needing physical therapy to pay Golden Gate PT a visit and to specifically ask for Kevin.

Steve Booth

Steve returned to 100% throwing capabilities and gained flexibility in his throwing shoulder.

I suffered a Labrum tear on 8/04. I was misdiagnosed and did not have surgery until 2/05. By 6/05 I threw 120 feet. It took pushing the limits, having swell-ups (inflammation) and being worked back into shape by Adrian to be where I’m at today. He’s going to say I worked hard, and I did. But those days I went in when I didn’t want to move and got fixed up, I was able to recover that much faster for the next day. Within 8-9 months I was 100% with more flexibility and whip on my throws. Thanks.

Christine N.

Chrstine N., Physical Therapy Patient

Jonathan P.

Jonathan P., Physical Therapy Patient

Shervin K.

I have been athletic all my life. 12 years ago I tore my achilles tendon playing soccer in Milan which deeply affected my athletic performance. I came across GGPT after a knee injury during skiing in 2010. Before that time, I had spent many years in PT at another office and could never get back my calf muscle that I lost from my achilles tendon tear. Sasha at GGPT was the first physical therapist that actually reviewed my case in detail and began to work on a program that would get my strength back in my legs. Since that time, I have played soccer at the Chelsea Stamford Bridge Stadium in London, started surfing again and have become stronger in all areas of my body. I owe a ton to Sasha and everyone at GGPT. Thank you!

Kimberly G.

I have had chronic ankle sprains since I was a teenager. As a result of my weak ankles I have had hip and knee issues. It is only since I have been working with Sasha at GGPT that I have begun to really strengthen my ankles and legs. It is a process that takes patience and determination but one that I cherish. Sasha has been a great partner in my recovery and pushes me to go past the point I believe I can and also knows enough about my body to hold back when necessary. I have begun to take longer hikes, go on longer bike rides and have been able to be sprain free for some time. Thank you Sasha!

Marc V.

Marc V., Physical Therapy Patient


Nicole, Physical Therapy Patient

Shane M.

Shane M., Physical Therapy Patient