Kenneth Akizuki, M.D.

"Golden Gate Physical Therapy has been providing my patients with premium, personable, and efficient care for many years."

Kenneth Akizuki, M.D.

S.S. on Yelp

"I blew my throwing shoulder apart thanks to a ski fall. If you need to rehabilitate after surgery, this is the only place to go. Adrian is a miracle worker. Even the front desk personnel are top-notch. If you are a former athlete, there is no other place for you to get your rehab."


Jason L. on Yelp

"Adrian and Kevin... were amazing at getting me back on my feet. They were incredibly knowledgeable, were very engaged and got me back in shape. Absolutely recommend them. The whole staff seems great."

Jason L.

Amanda Z on website

"My experience with Golden Gate Physical therapy has been awesome. Everyone at GGPT has been so helpful and nice. Sasha has been amazing in helping my recovery."

Amanda Z.

Danimal M on Yelp

"These guys are awesome. I worked with Kevin to rehabilitate my ankle after a sprain. My ankle has progressed to the point that I am no longer having surgery and it feels stronger than it has in years. The staff here is very knowledgeable and they give you great one-on-one attention. I highly recommend them."

Danimal M.

Maria L. on Yelp

"I've been to about a million PTs at this point and never have I had such confidence in a place and the people. The one-time concierge fee is minimal, especially compared to some insurance nightmares and to have an actual therapist's attention and expertise for the whole appointment is invaluable."

Maria L.

Devin I. on Yelp

"I am an ex college baseball player who loves lifting weights and playing sports. When I went to Adrian I was pretty depressed from not being able to really do anything with my shoulder (even running caused pain). From day 1, Adrian was friendly, attentive, and positive. Everyone I saw on the staff here was fantastic. They are very knowledgeable and up to date on treatment protocols and tailor the rehab to your individual needs. Strongly recommended."

Devin I.

Fair R. on Yelp

"Broke my ankle rollerblading. I went to see Adrian... and six weeks later I am walking with out a limp, my leg is strong. I have seen Tim as well who is equally brillant. I can see now how much easier it is to recover with a little help. Love them!"

Fair R.

Alison W. on Yelp

"I tore my ACL over a year ago playing soccer and my coach immediately recommended Adrian. He's extremely knowledgeable, talented, easy to get along with, and the best part... he spends a full 45 minutes with his patients. You never feel rushed or ignored or shafted... he's 100% attentive!"

Alison W.

Christine F. on Yelp

"I spent 23 years trying different non-invasive treatments to relieve [my back] pain. I had been to at least a dozen different PT practices and I don't think any physical therapist ever did such a good job at helping me pinpoint exactly which muscle to focus on with each exercise. Thanks, Sasha! You're awesome!"

Christine F.

Mark M. on Yelp

"They go above and beyond to work with insurance companies and truly care about their clients. If you ever find yourself needing PT in San Francisco this is the place to go!"

Mark M.

Rachel S. on Yelp

"I had a knee injury due to a car accident, and previous physical therapy did next to nothing. Ken Akizuki recommended this place.  Adrian was great.  He really knew his stuff.  Highly recommend this place.  Adrian really is on top of it."

Rachel S.

Sasha B. on Yelp

"All of these therapists inspire trust and comfort.  They are so professional and informed.  They also know how to deal with the psychological pain that comes with a debilitating injury. Good people doing good work. So awesome!"

Sasha B.

Jason B. on Yelp

"I found Adrian through my Orthopedist, Dr. Akizuki.  I never knew Physical Therapy could be so personal and rewarding.  I am getting stronger every time I come here and would recommend Adrian and the folks at Golden Gate without hesitation."

Jason B.

Suzie R. on Yelp

"I've been to a lot of different therapists for my chronic back pain.  These therapists are as good as it gets!  They take their time and work with you.  They are thoughtful and caring.  I appreciate them completely!"

Suzie R.

Serena T. on Yelp

"I had torn my ACL and Golden Gate Physical Therapy was recommended by my doctor.  I'm so glad I chose this office.  I work primarily with Sasha and she is great.  The staff is also great!  Adrian, Tim, and Viktoriya have all been wonderful.  I would highly recommend their office to anyone."

Serena T.

Lisa H. on Yelp

"GGPT was highly recommended to me by Dr. Akizuki for a hip and knee condition. Tim... is so smart, attentive, and pleasant!  Tim is striking the 'just right' balance between too much and too little physical challenge. I can't say enough about the staff at the front desk; they couldn't be more efficient or sweet!"

Lisa H.

Matthew M. on Yelp

"After several months, an achilles tendon injury was not healing and I was walking with a limp... After a few sessions my limp went away and I could actually start running again. Adrian guided me through a recovery/healing plan. I now know how to train better to avoid injury. Adrian is the man!"

Matthew M.

Shai M. on Yelp

"I had a single-level fusion three months ago after a long battle with back pain from a horse injury. I truly feel that I have fallen into the hands of one of the most talented therapists in the country. My surgeon could not believe how well I am progressing. I owe it all to Adrian. The entire staff is fantastic."

Shai M.